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Patch Celebrates Shea Day

shea diagram

Chris Shea, a software engineer at Patch, is the ultimate sartorial pragmatist. Instead of wasting time picking out an outfit, he wears the same uniform every day:

  • Bed head
  • Black round plastic glasses
  • Friendly smirk
  • 1-5 days of stubble
  • UNIQLO black crewneck t-shirt
  • Levi 507 jeans
  • Black Converse low-tops

Every year for his birthday, Chris's co-workers dress up for his birthday, which we've come to refer to as Shea Day. We had a great turnout for Fake Chris Sheas this year:

shea day 2011

The whole Patch team dressed as Chris Shea

shea day 2011 chris's team

Members of Chris's project team had the greatest enthusiasm for the holiday.

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