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A Sneak Peek: The New Patch

Three and a half years ago, Patch set out to give you a new way to connect to your neighbors, get informed, and find what you're looking for. We've changed lives with our stories and improved communities through comprehensive coverage of what matters most to you and the people that live nearby. But being a part of over 900 unique communities made us realize that Patch was capable of doing even more, so we set out to improve the Patch experience and align it better with how neighborhood life really works.

This week, we're unveiling the new Patch on five of our nearly 900 sites. Along with our vibrant, friendly new design, you'll see that the site works a little differently; the local news that you've come to know and trust can now be custom-fit to the way you live. It's a new Patch experience for staying in the know from phone, tablet, or desktop. Wherever you go, Patch works the way you do.

The new Patch will fit the everyday life of your community, and all the people, places, and groups that make it thrive. It's a more neighborly hub of common interests and activities - where learning, sharing, and doing things together is easy. Plus, it's just plain fun to use.

We hope you'll try out the new Patch and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you!

See them here:
Bellmore, NY
Garden City, NY
Levittown, NY
Long Beach, NY
Merrick, NY

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