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Come on Down...Down On One Knee, That Is!

Congratulations to Patcher Peter Heyneman!

Last week, Peter, who works on our Business Engagement team, proposed to his girlfriend Erin on the set of the game show "The Price is Right." Host Drew Carey stopped and congratulated the couple from the stage while taping the show. Upon hearing that Peter worked for Patch, Drew touted the importance of covering local community news and information. It turns out that Drew is a proud native of the Cleveland area where Patch covers seventeen communities.

Great news Drew, we've still got you covered! We have over thirty Patches in the Los Angeles area, including one in your new hometown: Hollywood Patch!

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In the business of helping small business

We're excited to announce some big news for small businesses: a Patch partnership with our friends at Foursquare that will enable businesses to easily integrate Foursquare services with those of Patch and allow current Patch businesses to access social data from Foursquare (like checkins) so they can gain additional insight into the customers around them.

When people talk about serving communities, they often overlook a group that we at Patch consider invaluable: local businesses. They are fundamental building blocks for engaged, vibrant communities - and that's why we spend so much time and effort trying to give them the most effective platform we can. Working with Foursquare is just the latest development in that quest!

What else do we do to help merchants reach residents in and around their communities, you ask? Lots of things, but it all starts with sending researchers into every business in town to create a free listing that's more accurate and comprehensive than anything we've come across. After that, its all about tools and services to empower them to better understand and engage with their most valuable customers. This latest partnership comes on the heels of some other exciting updates, including a redesigned Places page, a new Android Places App, a streamlined dashboard for local business owners, a dedicated video profile page and a suite of new advertising options.

So grab your mobile phone, log on at home, or just walk down Main Street and start supporting your local businesses. Patch and Foursquare will be with you every step of the way!

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